Through good business we make greater positive impacts for society, climate, biodiversity, health and economies.

Mighty Epiphyte can help your business grow, get certified, and increase impact.

Kimberly Allchurch Flick holds an International Masters in Marketing and Sustainability and years of corporate and small business management and training experience. Take advantage of her skills and expertise!

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noun | epi·phyte | \’e-pə-fīt\
: a plant that derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain and grows usually on another plant


People Matter, the Planet  Matters and I believe we need to partner to do more to improve our circumstances. I believe in the power of listening, imagination, collaboration, and curiosity. I want to live in a world where humanity, equity, nature, and animals … Read More

Mighty Epiphyte

Social Enterprises are like orchids, we make something strong, beautiful, and good out of thin air! All the while collaborating, working around the clock, and giving our all, making an impact.

At Mighty Epiphyte our aim is to know and understand your social enterprise business, help you develop your strategic marketing and business strategy, and walk you through the B Corp and Benefit Company Certifications, and re-certifications so smoothly that you are never distracted from the good work you do every day.

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Ready for your business to grow?

Mighty Epiphyte nurtures, advises, and guides social enterprise companies through the certification process while consulting on business and marketing strengths!

  • Josh Sessler
    Becoming certified as a B Corp can be a long and complex process. Having Kim help me through it made things far easier than if I'd been going through it on my own.
    Josh Sessler, COO and General Counsel
  • 5
    As a new executive, the corporate compliance process can be a bit overwhelming. Kim brought clarity and ease to the entire process, from creating the report to securing certification it was seamless. On top of that, she will inspire you along the way. In Kim, you have a lifelong supporter!
    Deborah Murad, Esq.
    Dramatists Guild Copyright Management
  • Bridge City Media logo
    Mighty Epiphyte has been stellar at practicing what they preach in terms of being a super mighty advocate for social enterprise. Kim helped greatly in the path for my company, Bridge City Media, to become an Oregon Benefit Company. She regularly introduces us to new opportunities within the socially-conscious business sphere and is undoubtedly an expert in this field. If you're looking to connect more to what the higher purposes of what your company could be, I would highly recommend scheduling a meeting with Mighty Epiphyte.
    Erik Croswell
    Bridge City Media
  • Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering co founders Benefit Corporations for Good
    Kim is a passionate and a true  advocate for the Benefit Company and B Corps movement around the triple bottom line of "People, Planet, Profit. " She is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know around the values and processes to move forward on certification. She reflects all the best values of "Conscientious Leadership", and brings fresh new ideas around networking and marketing for cause driven organizations. She is smart, compassionate, and creative ... and will help entrepreneurs, like us, evolve and thrive.
    Mary Anne Harmer
    Benefit Corporations for Good
  • Heber Michaels, owner of Eber Health
    I approached Kim Allchurch Flick when I first started my company Eber Health to receive advising in marketing, business development, and in navigating the startup ecosystem in Portland. Kim has helped in all these areas, and since then we've been able to take our company from an idea to a growing business. We recommend Kim to any entrepreneur in the Portland Metro Area looking to grow their business.
    Heber Michaels
    Eber Health

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