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Our purpose is to help businesses serve people and the planet as a force for good, with impact and equity, leaving the world a better place.

Mighty Epiphyte supports your business growth and impacts. From document preparation to impact measurement and reporting, we handle it all with you and for you. Pursuing certifications? We strategize with you and help alleviate the time burdens through the certification process of your choice. Whether seeking certification or not, we help you authentically showcase your values to customers actively searching for products and services like yours as a social enterprise, mission-driven company.

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Partnership for the Greater Good

Through the good business of service, we help you make greater positive social, environmental, and overall impacts while running a strong business. Mighty Epiphyte walks the talk by examining our own values and measurable impressions. We support you in partnership for the greater good.

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The Institute For Equity Centered Coaching, Certified Equity Centered Leader

Kim Allchurch Flick has years of business and entrepreneurship experience with a keen focus on impact-based values. Masters level education in International Business, Marketing, and Sustainability. Certified in Business of Social Enterprise. Dual certification from the Institute of Equity-Centered Coaching in leadership and coaching! Education and learning inform the journey!

Kim has worked with service providers, B-to-B companies, online consumer goods, food and beverage, and even a winery! Take advantage of her skills and expertise!

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What We Are Reading

The Antiracist Business Book by Trudi LeBron
The Antiracist Business Book, an Equity Centered Approach to Work, Wealth, and Leadership by Trudi LeBron
Putting Soul Into Business: How the Benefit Corporation is Transforming American Business for Good. By Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering
Putting Soul Into Business: How the Benefit Corporation is Transforming American Business for Good by Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering

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