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Mighty Certifications – and Great Collaboration

Kim Allchurch Flick with Benefit Company for Good Certificate

2018 was a Mighty Year! The Mighty 2018 Benefit Report is published and Mighty Epiphyte is making even greater Impacts for 2019! Mighty Epiphyte sailed through the B Lab Certification for B Corp AND the Benefit Corporations for Good Re-Certification recently!

I love to help companies make MIGHTY IMPACTS! There are some great reasons to be Dual Certified, Mighty Epiphyte is in good company for 2019 – First as a Benefit Corporation in Oregon through BCFG and for 2019 through B Lab for B Corp. I love to learn about how certifications work and by doing them for companies in a variety of sectors, I am well versed to be a Mighty Consultant and Adviser to nurture your company to measuring and improving impacts, training employees, building strong partnership, creating templates and documenting for efficiency so you can have terrific Benefit Reports and high scores for your certifications! At Mighty Epiphyte, we celebrate companies that serve People and the Planet through their Profits and good business. So much is about the B’s – Benefit and B Corp, these certifications show the world the good works we do! Leadership Good Benefit Example is one of the best ways to Be a Change Maker!

Benefit Corporations for Good Founders Event

Join me at March 13 for Putting the Soul Back into Business to learn about Benefit Corporations for Good BCFG. As a B Lab Assessment consultant, I’m up to speed in Version 5 and Version 6, and can help you certify and re-certify. In April, I’ll be helping with the 2nd B Corp Certification Hackathon

Collaboration is a A Mighty C! Mighty Epiphyte supports Tom Hering and Mary Anne Harmer co-founders of two amazing companies;  HCollaborative and Benefit Corporations for Good

They are true collaborators, not only with Mighty Epiphyte to serve our social enterprise entrepreneurs, also with the Secretary of State’s office in Oregon to become the go to third-party Certifiers for becoming Oregon Benefit Corporation for Good!  Mighty Epiphyte is dedicated to helping Tom and Mary Anne with their mission, we support each other with Connections and Catalyzing Change for good.  Check out their new book Putting the Soul into Business, How the Benefit Corporation is Transforming American Business for Good.  This is a terrific reference to learn the difference between certifications, what it means to have a third-party certification and why there is a difference between certification and CSR.   You’ll realize the value of certification after understanding the why’s from their research.  My copy is a dog-eared treasure!

Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering co founders Benefit Corporations for Good
Co-founders of Benefit Corporations for Good and H Collaborative

Might Epiphyte and more is mentioned in their recent blog post Does Your Business Have a Soul? Heres How to Tell ….

The Common ground that we share is that social enterprise companies of any size can help make the world a better place.  We aim to help those companies gain visibility, strengthen their mission, and know they are supported.  When leadership decides to certify,  Tom and Mary Anne are very adept and engaged while helping companies certify as Benefit Company for Good.  Mighty Epiphyte specializes in B Lab assessments for B Corp certifications.  Every step of the way we are Constant advocates!   We’re advocates for The Revolution! Hail to the Benefit Corporation  beautifully outlined in this marvelous video they completed recently.

Benefit Corporations for Good Certification
Benefit Corporations for Good

Let us when how we can help you Be Certified Benefit and B Corp!   Please note the title artwork is by Mary Anne Harmer! 

Always Your #mightyadvocate

Kim of Mighty Epiphyte Consulting, a Benefit Corporation for Good.

@mightyepiphyte  |    advocate@mightyepiphyte.com

Event of interest – March 11, How to Build Meaningful Relationships that Last with Marli Williams. LinkedIn Local PDX

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