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A Mighty Dramatic Impact

DG Copyright Management becomes a Benefit Corporation for Good!

I have wonderful clients, they show me windows into their incredible work and DG Copyright Management DG(c)M is fantastic. Based in New York, they do work that is important for all of us who love plays and musicals, and see the importance of dramatic works and the creators. DG Copyright Management provides Estate Planning and Copyright Management for dramatists, by dramatists. As a new company, the long term potential is huge for protecting what people have created, and DG(c)M does this with a dedication for inclusion, equity and social good. Mighty Epiphyte helped the Executive Director, Deborah Murad Esq. examine their impacts, create intentions for 2021 and beyond, complete their Benefit Corporations for Good Assessment and certify! Working with Deborah and learning about DG(c)M has been pure joy. DG(c)M is now a Benefit Corporation in New York! Their impacts are far reaching.

This is a delightful two minute video about this wonderful Benefit Company – DCGM a Certified Public Benefit Company and read their Benefit Report!

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is dedicated to guiding companies to greater impacts! I help measure and track while sharing ideas about how to make your business a force for good, service people and the planet while improving profits. What is your purpose? Want to certify? Running a business is a lot of work, I am like a river pilot navigating you and your company through ways to improve efficiency and do more good, while taking on intensive B Lab and other assessments. Let me know your needs!


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