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A Mighty Form of Flattery – and Seals!

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, sharing a good thing verbatim is even better. Everyone in with interest in social enterprise and good business should take a look at this; On Certification and Seals by David Anderson Founder of Canvas Host. Canvas host is B Corp and Oregon Benefit Corporations for Good Certified as is Mighty Epiphyte Consulting!

Benefit Corporations for Good logo
Benefit Corporations for Good Certified

Mighty Epiphyte is no stranger to certifications, as an Oregon Benefit Company through Benefit Corporations for Good, a B Corp (score 146), with experience with B Lab assessment version 6 and assessments for companies in various sectors of business from food, retail, service to wineries and agriculture. David’s article above is important and I share the sentiments. It is very important that we as consumers, business owners and stakeholders know the best of 3rd party objective certifications. There is genuine good in the mission of most businesses, a certification can be a great way to market intention while measuring and making improvements on impacts. It’s also a way to stay ahead of potential greenwashing, the misleading ways that some (hopefully very few) can coerce consumers with misleading information about the good that they do, covering up negative impacts. This can still occur, as consumers, our understanding and awareness helps us vote with our wallets.

1% for the Planet logo
1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is mentioned in David’s article, it is a great way for small businesses, service companies and others to make impacts across the globe through giving of money. For companies that can’t make big environmental impacts because of the sector or size, this is a great way to contribute.

Earth Advantage Broker + ADU Specialist
Earth Advantage Certified

Mighty Epiphyte supports small businesses, minority owned business, all those who work hard to give back while creating a thriving business. Some businesses choose not to certify while they work very hard to make positive change. That is ok, we support them and help with marketing and outreach, measuring and improving impacts. Sometimes is is difficult for consumers to find companies that don’t have certifications, which is why marketing the product or service and the mission in a meaningful, manner that enhances and reaches target markets, educating while selling. We’re here to help!

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Learn more at Mighty Epiphyte mightyepiphyte@gmail.com @mightyepiphyte and at Canvas Host as well as Benefit Corporations for Good Thank you! Kim #mightyadvocate

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