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A Mighty Link to Community

Sunset Image for LinkedIn Local PDX
LinkedIn Local PDX

How does a Mighty idea from down-under make an impact on you? In a small town in Australia, Anna McAfee realized her connections to the community were largely people she had never met in person, they were connections on LinkedIn. In search of authentic connections for community and collaboration, she invited them to an in-person event and LinkedIn Local was born, the effect rippling through the Portland area! Read her article, Why Community Matters Now More Than Ever.

Two years later, LinkedIn Local is in over 600 cities, and LinkedIn Local PDX is actively engaged in

A LinkedIn Local gathering in Portland
A LinkedIn Local gathering in Portland.

In Portland, we have a mission for inclusion to reach underserved and marginalized communities and give them a voice! In 2019 with your feedback we want to help companies and organizations find ways to give back through donations and volunteering in addition to finding true community at the events.

Help us help you! Linkedin Local can go to a new level of outreach, inclusion and giving with your guidance and feedback. Take the survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3FJKMNN 

Join us on: Facebook @linkedinlocalpdx, on the LinkedIn Group LI Local PDX, We’re building community with at least 75% of event presenter from minority group leaders with great topics and engaging activities. Everyone in the room is heard and leaves with valuable takeaways. The volunteer team of Bill Cohen, Kim Allchurch-Flick and Michael Chen want 2019 to be incredible for all of you!

LinkedIn Local Growth!
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