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A Mighty Network – Meet Our Advisory Board!

Surround Yourself with People Who are Smarter Than You

Russel Simmons

Drum roll time! Mighty Epiphyte Consulting LLC announces the newly formed Mighty Advisory Board! I’m so honored and excited to surround myself with this diverse group and learn from their wisdom and experience! They’re already giving me great insights, questioning and showing how improvements can be made. I am honored to give A Mighty Welcome to the wonderful :

B Corp Companies are encouraged to have an advisory board as part of good governance. And it’s always wise to be surrounded by smart experts with business acumen, community outreach and caring ways of being. These people are caring, wonderful advisors who are ultimately helping me help others!

At Mighty Epiphyte I work with you to take a deep look at values and how they can be shared with your customers. We research, measure, and improve impacts, prepare and write benefit reports, and certify as B Corp, and/or Benefit Corporations for Good! This is a long-term concierge service that includes guidance and tools for:

  • Creating efficiencies
  • Time-saving on assessments
  • Marketing to gain more clients by attracting them to the products services and values
  • Seminars for employee education
  • Benefit report writing
  • Recertification and more.

This is all tailored to your needs and for the greater good!

Contact me on: Kim | advocate@mightyepiphyte.com | @mightyepiphyte | Mighty Epiphyte

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