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A Mighty Resolution – for Planet Good!

Winter Forest

How about a New Years Resolution to Renew and Regenerate?

 Net Positive: The Future of Sustainable Business
Standards for business sustainability have put too much emphasis on decreasing corporations’ negative impacts. Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender writes that this standard of simply doing “less bad” is not enough because it fails to hold corporations to the higher standard of creating positive change. The net positive approach, which seeks to change underlying systemic inequalities and take on challenges like environmental sustainability, offers an alternative.

Jeffry Hollender

Let’s make Regeneration and Renewal the new goal for People, Planet and Profit. This is a 5 minute film What is Regeneration? It’s inspiring to think what we can do together, to step into a new year with resolve to look for ways to reduce degeneration and our negative impacts and actively work on regenerative impacts. We can do this ourselves in our homes and through business. Examples on a small scale are to plant native plants and create habitat in your hard and around offices. On a bigger scale, volunteer and donate to those who do. Think about where to buy food and consider only regenerative, restorative agriculture sources. It’s about reducing packaging, doing away with plastic where possible and putting something good back into the world. Big and doable, local, small and doable.

A Mighty Regenerative Collaboration

On Bells Mountain in Southwest Washington State, something remarkable is happening, Rememberland is collaborating with Recompose to regenerate 700 acres. And a Book called Wilding talks about the regeneration of a British farm. Environmentally, regeneration and creating renewal are so important to dial back the negative impacts of climate change. How? This is a big question and why we should be open to asking who is doing the work, how can we support it? And how can we do some regenerating on our own. In the Portland area there’s the Certified Backyard Habitat Program The point is, we can all contribute something, watch, read and learn to find more ways to be better than doing “less bad’ and to be regenerative. It’s a journey! And a good one for People, Planet and Profit

Certified Backyard Habitat Program

A Mighty Advocate

I’m here to support you and your efforts and am a Mighty Advocate to help people in businesses think about ways to make positive impacts for communities, people, the environment and the health and wellbeing of everyone! Aspirational can become doable! Kim Allchurch Flick is an impacts and benefit consultant for every step of your business, including B Corp and BCFG certifications. I wish you a wonderful, regenerative future!

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