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Mighty B Corp Supports Local Independent Bookstores!

How Can We Help Local Independent Bookstores?

Buy a Book, Make an Impact! Bookshop.org is now B Corp!

#marginsbookstores Bookshop.org

Bookshop.org is now B Corp Certified!

For over a year I have been on a journey with Bookshop.org to become B Corp! CONGRATULATIONS Bookshop.org! We did it! For Mighty Epiphyte, it was Mighty great to be a guide through the assessment and in an ongoing basis on data collection and impact reports. Bookshop.org is in 3 countries, US, UK and Spain and there is potential for expansion. The mission is multi layered: help local, independent bookstores with almost $20 MILLION is give back to the stores, to bring focus to many authors including spotlights on authors of Color, LGBTQIA and all the genres that they offer, and providing access to books that aren’t driven by best sellers lists only, but by us, people who have their affiliate links with are sharing book lists! It’s a great model. Stay tuned for the case study on this journey, coming soon.

Bookshop.org (affiliate)

I am Kim Allchurch Flick, I’ve had a passion for finding ways to do good things for People and Planet with Purpose since I was a kid. This lead me to study, certify and form my company to help businesses find, measure and increase impacts, write benefit reports and certify! I love helping companies do well and do good! Check out my Bookshop.org booklist here! (affiliate link).

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  1. Mary Ann Aschenbrenner Avatar
    Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

    This is really cool. Thank you for sharing this post and the link.

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