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About Kim

Kim Allchurch-Flick is a consultant, advocate, change agent, and founder of Mighty Epiphyte

Kim Allchurch Flick

Mighty Epiphyte provides me the opportunity to do what I love – helping people create companies that are forces for good! This passion came about not just from business experience, but a life surrounded by learning from values-based company founders, from observing nature, and from living with contrasts. We need each other and we need community, customers, employees, and good governance. We need nature as much as nature needs us to be kind and loving back, caring for the environment. Nature has much to teach us about biodiversity. Biodiversity exemplifies how beautiful the world can be with diversity and inclusion. People are experts in their own lives. I’m often in awe learning about clients and their work to make the world a better place. Good business is more than work. I see more and more the greater good that people are doing for people and the planet. I love being the wind beneath your wings and a partner in these endeavors.

Above image caption: Kim Allchurch-Flick with one of her rescue dogs.

When businesses are an active voice for people and the planet, there is much good that can happen. These are impacts we can make as we can strive to improve. At Mighty Epiphyte I advocate for, and support social impact entrepreneurs with the resources and information they need to succeed in business, while measuring, improving and reporting impacts. People in business are busy. I bring a fresh perspective and guidance with an equity lens to help you bring in more customers who are searching for companies with strong values! This includes guidance to prepare for and complete B Lab Assessments for B Corp Certification, or the assessment for Business Corporations for Good, providing social enterprise entrepreneur decisions and support every step of the way.

As a connector and collaborator who catalyzes good business, my passion lies in years of cultural learning and experience woven through marketing, consultative selling, and account management — overall great business acumen!

My family traveled for our Dad’s work, and in my early years we were in Holland, Belgium, and England. I caught a significant wander lust from my Dad and love the quote,

“Travel is fatal to prejudice.”

Mark Twain

I’m always learning ways to be a better global citizen, with trips and falls and some darn good lessons.

Throughout my life, I’ve been connected to nature so much that I became a biology major. Because of a part-time hospital job during college, my biology major opened up a career in medical sales. That’s where I gathered business acumen, running a three-state territory. Later I went to PSU for another Masters, this in International Management, and along the way discovered the Business of Social Enterprise Certification! While recognizing that businesses have capacity for doing good, there were few ways to find out how that can be expressed and tested. Learning about B Corp Certifications was an eureka moment for me. I was smitten and Mighty Epiphyte Consulting was born.

Now, even better, it’s coming full-circle with the love of nature. In addition to founding a business, I created a Certified Backyard Habitat. My husband and I, and the pups, are wilding a small forest, learning from some wonderful supporters how to provide for improved biodiversity and habitat! Even a little can be a lot. Doing work that supports aspects of community, customers, governance, and leadership connects with the environment in many ways. I strive to live this life as an equity centered practice in work and beyond.


Mighty Epiphyte is certified as:

Certified Equity-Centered Coach

I build partnerships with strategic and thoughtful problem-solving while being a resource with a keen awareness of what it means to affect People, Planet, and Profit with an equity lens.

Volunteering and Philanthropy

#alwaysanadvocate volunteering for and donating to community, arts, and environmental organizations that support social enterprise, education, and climate issues. I serve on three non-profit boards: White Bird Dance, Exit the Maze, Global PDX, and Golden Leaf Education Foundation (GLEF).

Reported annually in Benefit Reports

Teaching and Public Speaking


Education and experience enhance my daily work ethic. I earned an International Business Management Masters (MIM from PSU) in Marketing and Sustainability and certificates in Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Enterprise and Project Management. Expertise through “think on my feet” successes in emerging markets, start-ups, non-profits and mid-size companies.

Educator and Mentor

  • Business advisor and instructor at PCC SBDC Business Builders and Buying and Selling Outside the US
  • Instructor for Oregon City BixPOD
  • Xcelerate Women
  • Mentor and capstone advisor for the Portland State University MBA program.

Benefit Reports

Benefit Reports are annual documents summarizing the impacts made during the year in Community, Environment, Ethics, Client Services, Advocacy and Anti-Racism efforts.

2023 Benefit Report

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting impacts positive change by supporting people who are working to improve the world! We provide support to companies who are doing great work!

Mighty Epiphyte 2023 Benefit Report graphic

2022 Benefit Report

Mighty Epiphyte 2022 Benefit Report

2021 Benefit Report

In 2021 some awesome clients made Mighty impacts. We worked on B Corp certifications, re-certifications and benefit reports, and Benefit Corporation for Good certifications. Mighty Epiphyte made greater strides in the environment with a couple of certifications! 2021 was also a year of greater anti-racism learning and practice. Through December 2021.

Volunteer Hours – 120
Donations – $3853 including 1% for the Planet

2021 Benefit Company Report with values, manifesto, 18-page PDF

2020 Benefit Report

In 2020 Mighty Epiphyte helped a company in New York become the first company to take the Benefit Corporations for Good Assessment and file their Benefit Report with the state! This is great for both the client and BCFG! During 2020, many things shifted, there were fewer in person volunteer opportunities and increased opportunities for making donations! Mighty Epiphyte also began working with on the B Lab assessment for the US and the UK!

Volunteeer Hours – 120
Donations – $3728 including 1% for the Planet and 4Ocean

2020 Benefit Company Report, 7-page PDF

2019 Benefit Report

Volunteer Hours – 196
Donations – $1115.00 including 1% for the Planet and 4Ocean

2019 Benefit Company Report, 7-page PDF

2018 Benefit Report

Volunteer Hours — 124
Donations — $3360 including 1% for the planet and 4Ocean

2018 Benefit Company Report, 8-page PDF

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