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Amazing Mighty Impacts! A case study

What a Mighty impact! $21,227,369.42 raised for local bookstores


Doing good takes time! Reporting impacts takes effort. Bookshop.org is an amazing paradigm breaking company that just certified as B Corp! For me, it was one of the best 20 month experiences as I had the joy of learning so much about this company, their mission and their purpose. We started the B Lab assessment in late 2020. The journey was arduous at times and worth it. In my role in Mighty Epiphyte Consulting, I carry much of the time burden to prepare and certify. I share the information directly into the B Lab assessment and keep track of communication. It’s a profound partnership! We did it and certified Bookshop.org this year! Bookshop.org supports local independent bookstores and is a major platform for many unseen authors who have marginalized identities. There’s not category for this disruption of the online and best seller book world! So Bookshop.org is in the “education” category, which is partly true, but they’re also in it for advocacy! Part of the process of certifying included calls with a B Lab assessor and discussing these points for B Lab to recognized for future improvements. It’s a very dynamic process! Here’s a case study, the long and the short of it:

“Becoming certified as a B Corp can be a long and complex process. Having Kim help me through it made things far easier than if I’d been going through it on my own.”

Joshua Sessler COO and General Counsel Bookshop.org


As a mission-driven organization, bookshop.org knew they could qualify for B Corp status, but were intimidated by the lengthy, time-consuming, and often frustrating B Corp certification process. They were also unsure of how to best complete the certification process’s many steps, as well as how to gather and submit data and resources that would certify no just their U.S. location, but their offices in U.K. and Span as well.


Bookhsop.org hired social enterprise consultant Kim Allchurch Flick, who has not only successfully let many companies through the B Corp and Benefit for Good certification processes, but has taken her own business through it, too. Kim acted as a guide, consultant, and partner – helping Bookshop.org navigate each state of the B Corp application process over the course of 16 months.


  • Accomplished global B Corp certification
  • Elevated the Bookshop.org brand
  • Received exposure and press worldwide
  • Increased loyalty from affiliate bookstores, authors, consumers, and potential clients
  • Increased internal awareness of the real impact and influence of Bookshop.org’s mission
  • An established partnership with a consultant who will be primed to help them recertify in three years time

“Becoming certified as a B Corp can be a long, complex, and maddening process. If I had been going through the process alone. I would’ve been pulling my hair out, not knowing how I was going to get it accomplished. Kim was very supportive in getting me through it. There are lots of twists and turn in the B Corp process, and Kim helps you navigate each and every one of them”

Josh Sessler Coo and General Counsel, Bookshop.org
Certified B Corporation logo

Full long version of Bookshop.org case study pdf

Full short version Bookshop.org case study pdf

To learn more about how Mighty Epiphyte Consulting can help your business assess, measure and improve impacts, report impacts and, or obtain B Corp or Benefit Company Status, go to MightyEpiphyte.com And visit the Mighty Epiphyte Affiliate store of Bookshop.org

Kim Allchurch Flick
Kim Allchurch Flick |advocate@mightyepiphyte.com

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