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  • Mighty Solo Business Builders Make Mighty Social Impacts!

    Mighty Solo Business Builders Make Mighty Social Impacts!

    You’re not alone. Oregon Small Business Development Center helps businesses start, grow and celebrate success. Hi, I am Kim Allchurch Flick, solopreneur and founder of Mighty Epiphyte Consulting. Solo Business Builders Series My passion for helping entrepreneurs began long ago. I know the challenges and joys of working as an entrepreneur. Over the past few…

  • A Mighty Link to Community

    How does a Mighty idea from down-under make an impact on you? In a small town in Australia, Anna McAfee realized her connections to the community were largely people she had never met in person, they were connections on LinkedIn. In search of authentic connections for community and collaboration, she invited them to an in-person…

  • Mighty Change, Mighty Friendship

    Michelle Judson is a mighty awesome person! Giving back is woven into her DNA, resilience is her foundation. She created Changewear, a company of Mighty change, giving and focus on doing well and doing good. Michelle Judson and Changewear Michelle and I met five years ago at Lab2Market where she blew everyone away with her…

  • Who Makes Mighty Dog Products? Cycle Dog!

    Who Makes Mighty Dog Products? Cycle Dog!

    Learn more about Cycle Dog, a social enterprise that uses upcycled bicycle tubing to make mighty tough dog toys and leashes.

  • Who Makes a Mighty Website?

    Who Makes a Mighty Website?

    There is more to Waterlink Web than meets the eye. At Mighty Epiphyte we know a social enterprise when we see one and Waterlink Web fits the description of doing something for People, Planet and Profit! Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is an avid volunteer; that’s how I met her years ago. Her volunteer work is outlined…

  • What Makes a Mighty Host?

    What Makes a Mighty Host?

    Now look what they’ve done!  Canvas Host is the Mightyepiphyte.com Host!  The service is impeccable, the caring for clients and our local community and beyond is authentic and constantly impressive!   David and Angela also host Green Drinks and are not only B Corp exemplary but support the social enterprise and are champions for B Corps…

  • Welcome to Mighty Epiphyte

    Welcome to Mighty Epiphyte

    Connector — Collaborator — Catalyst – Advocate!    Kim is turning her passion for advocacy into a career that helps Benefit Companies grow, certify, and prosper.  Always an advocate, Kim supports social enterprise companies by weaving products and services into daily life.  As a consultant, she brings a vast knowledge of sales, operations and marketing…