Reporting and documenting the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit

Benefit Reports

Benefit Reports are annual documents summarizing the impacts made during the year in Community, Environment, Ethics, Client Services, Advocacy and Anti-Racism efforts.

2023 Benefit Report

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting impacts positive change by supporting people who are working to improve the world! We provide support to companies who are doing great work!

Mighty Epiphyte 2023 Benefit Report graphic

2022 Benefit Report

Mighty Epiphyte 2022 Benefit Report

2021 Benefit Report

In 2021 some awesome clients made Mighty impacts. We worked on B Corp certifications, re-certifications and benefit reports, and Benefit Corporation for Good certifications. Mighty Epiphyte made greater strides in the environment with a couple of certifications! 2021 was also a year of greater anti-racism learning and practice. Through December 2021.

Volunteer Hours – 120

Donations – $3853 including 1% for the Planet

2021 Benefit Company Report with values, manifesto, 18-page PDF

2020 Benefit Report

In 2020 Mighty Epiphyte helped a company in New York become the first company to take the Benefit Corporations for Good Assessment and file their Benefit Report with the state! This is great for both the client and BCFG! During 2020, many things shifted, there were fewer in person volunteer opportunities and increased opportunities for making donations! Mighty Epiphyte also began working with on the B Lab assessment for the US and the UK!

Volunteeer Hours – 120

Donations – $3728 including 1% for the Planet and 4Ocean

2020 Benefit Company Report, 7-page PDF

2019 Benefit Report

Volunteer Hours – 196
Donations – $1115.00 including 1% for the Planet and 4Ocean
2019 Benefit Company Report, 7-page PDF

2018 Benefit Report

Volunteer Hours — 124
Donations — $3360 including 1% for the planet and 4Ocean
2018 Benefit Company Report, 8-page PDF

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