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Chocolate –

The good, the bad, the horrific.

Attention needed!

  • World Chocolate Day July 7
  • International Chocolate Day September 13

Chocolate – a delight, a delicacy, a main stream sugar rush. Big $$$. World Chocolate Day July 7. I’m brought back to a flight to Salt Lake when I found a film that I could watch on that short flight – The Dark Side of Chocolate I was already making choices, being blessed by the local Tony’s Chocolonely who’s local CEO I heard speak in conferences with knowledge and passion. The absolute enormity of child trafficking for harvesting cocoa hadn’t yet fallen like the ton of bricks it did in this film. The issue is so important that journalists have been murdered to delay the story being told, the industry is that big and powerful. Kudos to John Oliver, the makers of The Dark Side of Chocolate and other reporting – and BBC – Chocolate the Bitter Truth 1 of 5 Child Trafficking and more 1.5 Million Child Slaves Behind Your Chocolate Bar These aren’t new, after over a decade, the story is still being told, and people are doing something about it! We can too. Even on Halloween and Valentine’s Day. We can advocate by sharing the reasons we won’t buy from big chocolate that acts like big oil…. our money matters and can make a difference in lives and in forests.

Choose to Make Change

There are companies who are doing something to change this horror, from the source of the cocoa onward. We can have chocolate without the deforestation and child slavery. Did you know there are currently 55 B Corp Chocolate companies? And a new company on the “block” – Chocolat-e (Benefit Corporations for Good. B Corp pending) partnering with Valhrona

Human rights are a challenge in the cocoa industry and we partner hand in hand with the Valrhona Foundation. Yes, human rights matter to us.
We believe in contributing to a more sustainable and ethical cocoa farming sector. Sustainable farming and innovation can slow deforestation thereby reducing the impact on global warming.


What if all of us make a conscious decision to only buy chocolate from these companies, to read their websites and search for benefit reports. Voting with our spending $$ and advocating for this new thoughtful paradigm can be a wave of change. It’s so ironic that World Chocolate Day has hundreds of references like this from National Day sighting history and ways to celebrate. I could find NONE that mention the downsides of slave labor and deforestation, none that mention the load of plastic and unrecyclable packaging! Maybe there’s one out there, but I couldn’t find it. It’s an interesting history from the 1500s, let’s make new history!

This World Chocolate Day – let’s continue to learn and make change, share reasons to make better choices, support those who are making strides to make chocolate without the dark side. Have your chocolate and eat it to!

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