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Artwork depicting a Black person with intense eyes, wearing a red mask over their mouth and nose. "Unity" is written in large white letters on the mask. Unity by Hussein Al-Baiaty

Community & Creativity in the Time of Covid – Mighty Collaborations

Amid covid chaos, there are brights spots of community concern, help and collaboration – Portland has a great ecosystem of support!

LinkedIn Local PDX
LinkedIn Local PDX

LinkedIn Local PDX recently had several community leaders share great ideas and the creativity they see from businesses, organizations and individuals. This is a recap with links to the resources discussed and the wonderful giving people who rise for others, share and help. The group is tremendous and the perspectives are full of care and desire to understand what people are going through, and to help. These are examples of many good things happening in our communities. Please share others in comments.

Mighty Good to Know

Risking Light – Kilong Ung of Golden Leaf Education Foundation

Mighty PerspectiveKilong Ung is a Khmer Rouge Survivor, refugee, founder of Golden Leaf Education Foundation and is a business owner. He sharing of gentle perspective is inspiring. – Watch the film Risking Light a documentary featuring Kilong!

Mighty Help for online shoppers and businesses My Trestle is helping local and small as well as mission driven companies with this creative approach to e-commerce:

My Trestle helps Businesses!

From Jennifer Johnson CEO “We added a small-local business override on the myTrestle Button, where the button will pop up similar products that you are buying from a local small business who are selling a similar or the exact same product. “We are adding more businesses and products every day and here’s my call to action. “We want to help any and all small businesses who sell products online. We are doing this for free and we need help spreading the word.1) If you don’t have it yet, add the myTrestle button to your Chrome or Firefox browser. If you want to support small businesses during COVID-19, choose the Small Business Override feature.2) If you know of any small businesses who should be on Trestle, please send them to https://www.mytrestle.com/brand-sign-up/.”

Music We Remember –
John Van Beek

Mighty Music to the ears Music We Remember, in a pivot from in person performances for elders in senior centers, John Van Beek took the performances to YouTube. The work from home sessions are hilarious, the music joyful. Something great to share with families, isolated seniors and each other. Music We Remember – Songs We Can’t Forget

Don’t forget to wash your hands!!!
Unity – Hussein Al-Baiaty

Mighty ArtfulHussein Al-Baiaty helps refugees through his story and through RefuTEES. His story is another of profound perspective, his art is a gift.

greenHAUS subscription box – Cole and Dayna Reed

Cole Reed is an amazing artist who co-owns greenHAUS Gallery and Boutique – she is a Master Interpreter, making food and necessities deliveries to community members and sharing gifts from greenHAUS to show support and love. They also started a wonderful greenHAUS subscription box.

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Mighty Helpful – Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is a dynamic speaker, career coach and supporter with a heart for people in transition, students and now those suffering job loss from covid – 19 fall out. Her online presence is profound and help is here!


Mighty Donations – Shashi Jain and Juan Barraza were able to secure 3D printed donations from MakerForce with parts from PDX Hackers Space. I was blessed to have volunteered with them and others to package 1000 much needed face shields for health care heroes at Legacy and later some that I was able to deliver to Providence St. Vincent covid ICU! This is a tremendous ongoing effort. Thanks to all the makers who are donating.

Rational Unicorn Legal Services – Michael Jonas

Mighty Events online – The More You Glow is a great series of very important events offered by Rational Unicorn Legal Services

Mighty Change – Heidi Krause of Krause Consulting has much to offer about helping with change, workplace change, job change.

Jackie B. Peterson

Mighty Response – Jackie B. Peterson of Better Smarter Richer loves entrepreneurs and has devoted much time to “Encore” preneurs, those in transition who start businesses instead of retiring. With passion she helps people follow their dreams and creativity. Jackie is also a member of the SBDC Rapid Response team, on the front lines currently helping business owners navigate through the time of covid and into the future. Covid Resources from SBDC

Business for a Better Portland

Mighty Organization – Business for a Better Portland ; Colin K. Krader II provided the LinkedIn Local Panel a terrific list of resources and guidance from BBPDX:

  • Our civic engagement on-ramp: Our recent sign on letters.
  • Town Halls with elected officials, and local/state economic bureaus
  • Coalition efforts that include rural and community specific chambers of commerce.
  • We consistently update our members and email subscribers of the progress of economic relief efforts, and our advocacy for small businesses. 
  • Switchboard
  • Observing the rise of other coalition efforts.

Mighty Good Events more

Look for the Built Oregon and PiE Crowdcast series! They’re great opportunities to learn, ask questions and be a part of the community of Oregon Businesses with fabulous people!

Ciara Pressler Pregame May 11th a LinkedIn Local PDX event – 10 Clarifying Questions for Your Business Goals register in the link

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is here to help you! With a love for social enterprises, I help companies examine opportunities, measure and track impacts, make greater impacts and hone marketing messages to help your company attract customers! I also nurture clients through the B Lab Assessment, carrying much of the time burden with expertise of knowing the current version 6 very well. @mightyepiphyte.

Read past blogs for other resources!

Kudos to Arrow Coffee House for treating people well and sharing great coffee and food. And Deadstock Coffee for collaboration and community support (stories on twitter). And for taking good care of all the presenters in the aforementioned crowdcasts: Reverand Nat’s Hart Cider with delivery

Bonus article from Mary Ann Harmer: The 7 Virtues, the Case for Corporate Culture Reboot

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