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I believe in the power of listening, imagination, collaboration, and curiosity.

Community Manifesto

Committed to People, Planet, and Profit

Kim Allchurch Flick

People Matter, the Planet  Matters and I believe we need to partner to do more to improve our circumstances. I believe in the power of listening, imagination, collaboration, and curiosity. I want to live in a world where humanity, equity, nature, and animals are treated with love and care everywhere. It is important that I work with and serve a variety of people, reaching out to those with marginalized identities early and often. Inclusivity and equity are paramount.

I care deeply about entrepreneurs, businesses, local economies, and communities for this is the basis of healthy change that can only come about with action and advocacy. I am a Mighty Advocate!

We matter, we must show the world we can all make positive impacts, even as individuals. My manifesto is to learn, grow and lead by example and help you with your journey. Small is Mighty and Local support can result in Big Impacts!

Thanks a bunch! With Respect and Gratitude from your mighty advocate,

Kim Allchurch-Flick

Advisory Board

Benefit Reports

We began writing Benefit Reports in 2018.

See the Mighty Epiphyte Benefit Reports.

Mighty Epiphyte Gives and Gives Back

Charitable Donations and Volunteering

Clark Conservation District logo
Exit the Maze logo
Growing Gardens logo


Our Children's Trust
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

Charitable Board Service

White Bird logo
Board Member
Global PDX Member
Board Member
Golden Leaf Education Foundation
Board Member

Business Advisor

Small Business Development Center
Advisor and Instructor Encore and Solo Business Builders
Tropical Salvage logo
Business Advisor Tropical Salvage
Portland State Unioversity
MBA Mentor & Capstone Advisor
EBER Health logo
Business Advisor EBER Health

Affiliates —
We work with the kind of companies that will change the world


World Oregon
The Oregonian Historical Society
B Local PDX
Business for a Better Portland
Bellwether Alliance
Bellwether Alliance
Benefit Corporations for Good logo
Built Oregon
Social Enterprise Alliance
People + Planet First
Good Market

Sourcing and Partners

Mighty Epiphyte tries to source from and partner with local companies that are Benefit Corporation, B Corp, and women or minority-owned. Partnerships with such companies include:

Recycles plastics removed from the oceans
Waterlink Web, connecting your customers with you
Woman-Owned, 50+
Open Haus CoWorking
Women-Owned, LGBGQ
Cycle Dog Portland Oregon
Woman-Owned, Hires Disabled & Handicapped
Ginger Beds
UpCycles, Donates to Veterans Groups

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