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You are doing the right thing. Let people know. Certify your work.

Full-Service Consulting

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Coaching in all aspects of business.
Mighty Epiphyte can also complete Benefit Reports and Certifications as part of our Full-Service Consulting.

Helping your business thrive while doing good in the world.
Implementing, measuring, and improving impacts

Mighty Epiphyte provides full-service consulting, for business and impacts. We’re here to help you with everything your business does for People, Planet, and Profit, always with equity considerations and due diligence.

Initial Support

Listening is key to getting to know you. In this stage of learning your values, goals, aspirations, and your business, products, and services, we formulate a personalized plan together. With over 10 years of impacts expertise, we help you with strategies and tactics for delving deep into impacts.

This is all about you and sharing your company’s good work. We’ll work with you to measure, and examine the inputs, outputs, and outcomes. We’re your resource and we bring understanding and help to carry the workload. We understand that running a business is a lot, and keeping track of all the mission, vision, and values in a meaningful way is important. We look forward to helping you. 

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Initial consultations are free.

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