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Mighty Change, Mighty Friendship

The women pictured bring their hearts, humor and incredible resilience to everything they do! Survivors, mothers, business owners, each unique, strong and wise!

Michelle Judson is a mighty awesome person! Giving back is woven into her DNA, resilience is her foundation. She created Changewear, a company of Mighty change, giving and focus on doing well and doing good.

Michelle Judson and Changewear

Michelle and I met five years ago at Lab2Market where she blew everyone away with her idea for her company and a strategy for helping women. I have enjoyed her friendship and am in awe of her drive and strength. One of the most creative and innovative founders around, she consistently powers through challenges and creates something might wonderful.

You see, Michelle has conquered breast cancer while being a single parent, building a company on a shoestring. She knows what it’s like to have few means, to get children’s clothing from donations and community closets. She also knows how women need to feel good about themselves, that inner strength can come from being understood and acknowledged. Michelle has taught me so much about determination and love of embracing opportunity, taking chances, and rising above enormous challenges.

Changewear photo shoot

Changewear — Change Where you are!

Changewear was born, a bra and panties company that allows users to change the colorful inserts and straps in their bras, giving women an opportunity to style, dress and feel unique each day. Michelle has a giving heart and has created a company for good, a social impact company. You can learn more about Changewear and Michelle on the About page, and learn about the buy one give one program.

Changewear is poised to become a Benefit Corporation because of the social impact being made through a new give program. “No one in this industry is donating new bras in a BUY/GIVE model and yet they’re a daily staple,” says Judson. “Plus, a young girl can change a bra size in the course of one year, and that can be expensive.”

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Mighty Friends and Founders

Michelle Judson, founder of Changewear, and Kim Allchurch Flick, founder of Mighty Epiphyte.
Mighty friends, Michelle Judson and Kim Allchurch Flick

Check out a recent Changewear Blog highlighting me and Mighty Epiphyte..

Short video of Changewear Photo shoot, great women, mighty friends.

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