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Mighty Client Celebration – Janice Stevenor Dale + Associates is B Corp!

A Mighty Congratulations to JSDA + Associates for certifying as B Corp with the help of Mighty Epiphyte Consulting! JSDA is an amazing digital design firm that weaves social enterprise into their designs, work, stakeholder relationships, volunteer work and connections to community.

JSDA Inc Impacts

B Lab Assessments take time. Version 6 is the current version. Janice and I worked through a lot in 2019. First coming through the assessment and providing relevant documentation, then waiting for the cohort. Mighty Epiphyte played a role as liaison with B Lab and researcher for needed background information. B Lab assessments can feel like a “hurry up and wait” scenario, and it’s worth it. The hours put in are also a time for reflection and future planning. Janice has a heart of giving, of concern and community building. She does pro-bono work with the local HOA, and supports clients in need.

The work load for completing an assessment with B Lab includes providing documentation for all relevant portions of the assessment and completing the templates B Lab provides. Conversations with a B Lab coordinator occur when the cohort. For this client Mighty Epiphyte helped with time burden by uploading documents and working directly in the assessment.

Congratulations Janice Stevenor Dale and Associates JSDA + Associates on becoming B Corp and for always being values driven and caring of our communities and the environment!

Mighty Epiphtye Consulting provides business fundamentals analysis and advising support. Focusing on measuring and improving impacts we nurture companies through certifications when that is the goal. Template creation and data collection are very important on an annual basis, we make the process easier! Contact us for a no cost evaluation. Kim has years of business and entrepreneur experience plus and MBA and MIM Masters of International Management, is a Business Advisor and Program Director at Small Business Development Center for Encore & Solo Business Builders and Global Trade. She is also a PSU MBA student mentor and MIM Capstone Advisor, Built Oregon Mentor. She holds a certification in Business of Social Innovation from PSU.

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