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Sometimes a mission is so compelling, we want to learn more! I certainly do, Mighty Epiphyte supports Tom Hering and Mary Anne Harmer co-founders of Benefit Corporations for Good . Fast forward and Mary Anne has retired, and is always a mighty advocate. And the number of companies certified as Benefit Corporations for Good is still growing!

Benefit Corporations for Good Assessment for Certification

They are true collaborators, not only with Mighty Epiphyte to serve our social enterprise entrepreneurs, also with the Secretary of State’s office in Oregon to become the go to third-party Certifiers for becoming Oregon Benefit Corporation for Good!  Mighty Epiphyte is dedicated to helping Tom with the ongoing mission, we support each other with Connections and Catalyzing Change for good.  Check out their book Putting the Soul into Business, How the Benefit Corporation is Transforming American Business for Good.  We can all contribute to stronger communities and a healthier planet!

Our common ground is knowing social enterprise companies of any size can help make the world a better place. We’re advocates for The Revolution! Hail to the Benefit Corporation  beautifully outlined in this marvelous video.

Kim Allchurch Flick with Benefit Company for Good Certificate 2018 and 2019
Mighty Epiphyte Benefit Company for Good Certificate 2018 to present. Also B Corp pending 2022

Mighty Purpose

At Mighty Epiphyte we serve with purpose to identify potential for greater impacts and advocacy. In short, Mighty Epiphyte helps good businesses be stronger with greater impacts, employee allyship and contributions to environment and community while improving revenue and profits. We carry the load of B Lab assessments. It’s all about a greater good!

@mightyepiphyte | mightyepiphyte@gmail.com Mighty Epiphyte Consulting LLC Thank you! Kim

Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering co founders Benefit Corporations for Good
Co-founders of Benefit Corporations for Good and H Collaborative
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