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Mighty Drops Create Ripples of Collaboration and Good

Building trust with other people is an inside job


A brilliance of social enterprise, B Corps and Benefit Corporations for good is the encouragement of those who aspire to join a community of social enterprise devotees by walking the talk. Ways to build a social enterprise include collaboration with other social enterprise companies. The B Lab assessment and Benefit Corporations for Good have a section for these actions! It is important to seek out genuine impact companies. Mighty Epiphyte partners with many awesome companies from banking, law, community organizations, marketing, and my wonderful web designer Mary Ann Aschenbrenner of Waterlink Web a newly certified Benefit Corporation for Good, Woman Owned and a force of nature for doing good things for her community and the environment! Congratulations!

A little bit of good can turn into a whole lot of good when fueled by the commitment of a social entrepreneur.

Jeff Skoll, Founder Skoll Foundation

It’s one thing (and important) to seek companies that are certified, and a greater good can be in encouraging others that aren’t quite there yet. Some choose not to certify and yet have potential to do an amazing amount of good! I believe in supporting them. There are still people in companies that have never heard of B Corp, Benefit Corporations for Good or social impacts, and yet they have great ethics, values and intentions. Part of the impact that can be made is through encouragement, of reaching out and sharing how companies can share their impacts, by being the drop in the pond that creates the ripple that stimulates those on the shore. By being a beacon we can help lift others to aspire to better impacts, transparency and creating their own ripples for collaboration. Beyond the certified which are awesome, there are those who do tremendous good, and there’s a world that needs to know about them as well. Waterlink Web is one of those! Mary Ann introduced me to the Certified Backyard Habitat program, prompting me to turn my home office yard into a Gold Certified Habitat! I encouraged her to become a Benefit Corporation for Good and share more impacts!

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Booker T. Washington

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting serves people who care and want to do more. By guiding companies through their potential to make positive impacts, measure, improve and report those impacts while running a strong business, companies can reach a greater audience and more ripples of good will spread! Kim | advocate@mightyepiphyte.com @mightepiphyte | 503-200-0201

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