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Mighty Inspiring -Wins in Courts for The Environment & Human Rights

The Dynamics of Impacts – with Equity for the Future

Inadequate. This is how I’ve been feeling while measuring environment impacts made by my company, led by our passions for helping the environment with human rights and equity at the forefront. Impacts can be a problematic word. It doesn’t always clarify the impacts we make, and the support we give for impacts made by others. Benefit Reporting is required for Benefit Corporations and B Corp. How much can we impact and where, as companies and as people? A small service company can only do so much, particularly in the environment. Something was always missing! We can do more.  I’ve been looking for ways to make an environmental impact to help people and habitat with equity. It seems daunting. Then, summer 2023 news brought a Mighty Eureka moment! A mighty powerful organization caught our attention and became an opportunity to learn about huge impacts being made in policy and legislation for the environment with a human centered and equity focus.

A Newsflash Inspires

 “This case can set a precedent for other legal cases outside of Montana’s borders.”


The story broke of the Children’s Case against Montana and the win of Held v Montana! At the same time, GlobalPDX was in the planning stages for their annual conference entitled Environment X Human Rights. Meet the Press had a story on the case and through research I found Attorney Mat Dos Santos, General Counsel & Managing Attorney at Our Children’s Trust (OCT). He agreed to present the keynote at the GlobalPDX Conference! It was amazing to hear him talk about this case, it was inspirational! Listening to Mat, it was refreshing to learn about the focus on the environment now, and the concerns for the future while doing so with an equity lens and trauma informed practice. They won a case to change legislation! This is super encouraging, as work is being done for the future with the focus on climate issues with equity. OCT is striving in several state courts and in federal courts! And they need our help!

Why is this so mighty important?

From The Guardian

  • Trials can make a difference and there’s more to come, in states and federal
  • Courts are affirming climate science
  • Climate litigation could still face an uphill battle.
Attorney Mat Dos Santos – General Counsel & Managing Attorney OCT presenting Keynote at GlobalPDX – Environment + Human Rights keynote Oct. 6, 2023


  • The focus is on current and future needs for strong climate focus and change
  • There’s a focus on equity, where and how climate affects people
  • Changes are being made in policy and legislation – important aspects of SDGs
  • Our Children’s Trust goes beyond anything I or my company can do, AND this provides an opportunity for support and advocacy matching our values
  • Supporting OCT and other organizations that are helping to change policy and legislation is another powerful impact our companies can make.
  • “The ruling is the strongest ever on climate change” heard on NPR 1-21-24

It helped me realize there’s another pillar to make impacts. Externally through Governance as activism while impacting legislation and policy, the kind of work that makes change. OCT is working on human rights, environmental stewardship and doing it through legal means to change policy and legislation! That touches many Sustainable Development Goals SDGs! It’s a heavy lift! We support them. Mighty Epiphyte supports activists like this who are moving the needle in major ways, with big, long term wins for now and the future.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Advocating for, and being activists has a mighty impact! 

Advocating for the activists is nothing new. But for impacts and doing more, supporting those who do legislative and policy work extends their reach and impact. The takeaway: as a small company, Mighty Epiphyte can be impactful by adding support to Our Children’s Trust (OCT) and other organizations that make impacts in legislation and policy making, state by state and federal!  I was inspired because Our Children’s Trust has a strong focus on equity and brought incredibly detailed evidence to the case with testimony from children affected from all over the state, many from Tribal lands, winning a case that has future impacts. Our Children’s Trust is also a member of 1% for the Planet! We can support those who make impacts in Governance, Environment and Human Rights! I hope you join us in supporting impact in policy and legislation too! Collective support can help organizations like this make big, impactful changes!

Helping you help others with impacts

At Mighty Epiphyte Consulting, consistently examining how to improve impacts in: Environment, Community, Customers, Leadership, and now, Governance in an outward facing fashion. It’s important to help those who can impact legal issues and policies that span environment and human rights issues!  What a win! What a Mighty Impact! We encourage all companies to support those who are making positive change in the courts and with policy makers. More power to them can help create change for the better, with equity. Thank you to Mat and Our Children’s Trust! 

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is a full service support helping you with your entire business model to accentuate your values and who you are! Our work is an equity centered practice. People are searching to purchase from and work with companies who have strong values, we help them find you! Through strategy, business support, detailed consulting and looking at impacts potential, measuring and reporting, we are guides for your impacts as well as products and services. Want to certify or recertify? Mighty Epiphyte is the ultimate help for certifications such as B Lab, Benefit Corporations for Good and others. We’re here with coaching and strategic partnership every step of the way! We advocate for you! Kim Allchurch Flick is Founder. Contact us at advocate@mightyepiphyte.com #mightyadvocate

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is also a member of 1% for the Planet, BBPDX and:

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