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Mighty Impacts, 2020 Benefit Report

Mighty Epiphyte
Mighty Epiphyte Consulting LLC

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting became an Oregon Benefit Corporation in early 2018. 

Our purpose is helping businesses serve people and the planet as a force for good, leaving the world a better place.

Benefit Corporations for Good
Benefit Corporations for Good Certified


To fully support entrepreneurs and small businesses in strong business fundamentals, improving and measuring social, employee, community and climate impacts and guiding those companies to certifications for Benefit through Benefit Corporations for Good and B Corp through B Lab assessments.  

Do the work in a manner that is honest, transparent and measured.

Volunteer and donate in community.

Support local and high percentage of minority and/or social impact vendors, suppliers and organizations.  Dedicated to reaching to the margins first!  Business is activism in 2020 and beyond. 

Value – leave a lesser impact that is negative and a greater impact that is positive.  In 2021 do more for education, outreach and discussion through the platform Advocateur to discuss issues while Mighty Epiphyte Consulting supports businesses.

2020 Summary:

2020 is a year to remember for many reasons, each very personal to everyone.  Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is dedicated to helping founders grow with a focus on building and improving social and environmental impacts.  When a company is known for being values driven, this is how people reach each other and help make the world better through uplifting People, Planet and Profit with Purpose!  In my consulting I seek to learn details about the wants and business focus of the leadership team and employees, the stakeholders and customers.  As a member of the team, I am a guide, a connector, collaborator and catalyst to lead the company to forward thinking impacts while providing tools and templates for tracking, certifying and preparing benefit reports.  

2020 changed in person volunteering and events.  In addition to the year to year consistent education, volunteering and  philanthropy, 2018 through 2020 were years to focus on Anti-Racism Practice and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and practice that will be ongoing throughout my lifetime.  Learning leads to action and activism and I am devoted to it. 

Goals for 2021

  • Anti-racism is an ongoing journey of learning, engaging, activism and making change.  This is a lifelong endeavor. 
  • Continue the volunteering, donations and community support
  • Increase outreach in community, including supporting  vendors and partners with Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Support Benefit Corporations for Good BCFG in gaining more certifications
  • Serve clients throughout the US.  Become B Corp certified

Volunteering in 2020

  • White Bird Board Member 2017 – present
  • Golden Leaf Education Foundation Board Member – 2012 to Present
  • Co-Founder LinkedIn Local PDX – 2018 to present
  • Volunteer hours 2020 – 120 hours (on file)
  • Donations 2020 – $3728.00 including 1% for the Planet and 4Ocean (consistent annual donations) and several local donations (on file)
1% for the Planet logo
1% for the Planet
4Ocean – B Corp

I volunteer for organizations that support social enterprise, education, human rights, animal rights and environment. Volunteer passions include leading events and travel teams with purpose.

Sustainability Efforts

  • Working from home office
    • Paperless when possible
    • Composting
    • Reduction of plastic and single use items
    • Use of public transportation and bicycle
    • Member of North West Environmental Institute NWEI Eco Challenge
    • Organic gardener – Backyard Habitat Certification in progress
    • Focus food shopping on local, sustainable
    • Meat purchases local, 100% grass fed only, restoration agriculture for carbon drawdown
    • Energy saving lights and heating
    • Support companies that have eco friendly solutions and products, buy those products and share with others

Public Speaking & Writing

LocalX | LinkedIn

LocalX Live with Anna McAfee of LinkedIn Local. Topic – Working toward Diversity.  September 2020

Blog writing  –  Leadership, Social Impacts, Advocacy 

Podcast:  Support for Businesses, VidMark with Bryan Cargill – July 2020

Advising, Educating  and Mentoring

  • Business advisor and instructor for the Small Business Development Center Encore and Solo Business Builder and Global Trade Management programs
  •  PSU MBA students mentor

Support for Benefit Companies and those who aspire. Organizations

  • Benefit Corporations for Good
  • GlobalPDX
  • B Local PDX
  • LinkedIn Local PDX – Bridge City Entrepreneurs
  • Oregon Entrepreneur Network OEN
  • Conscious Capitalism

Vendors and suppliers

  • Canvas Host – B Corp Host
  • Waterlink Web – Woman owned, philanthropic, volunteering, office is also Certified Backyard Habitat
  • Tropical Salvage
  • Cycle Dog


  • Business of Social Innovation Certificate – Portland State University 2015
  • Masters of International Management – 2014
  • Human Centered Design, IDEO 2015
  • Working Toward Woke, ongoing cohort for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2018-2019
  • AIM for Impact Business Coaching –  Trudi Lebron 2020
  • Equity Centered Coaching Collective – Trudi Lebron 2020 to 2021
  • Manifestation and Anti-Racism Practice – Trudi Lebron. 2020 to 2021
  • Check your Privilege, Myisha T. Anti-Racism training 2020
  • Extra through side hustle Real Estate Education: 
    • Earth Advantage + ADU Certification 2018
    • Diversity in Housing Certification 2019
    • Green Real Estate 2019
    • Seniors Real Estate Specialist – 2019
    • Living with Diversity – 2020

Thank you,

with respect and gratitude,

Mighty Epiphyte symbol

Kim Allchurch Flick MIM

Kim Allchurch-Flick, MIM,       Founder of Mighty Epiphyte Consulting           #mightyadvocate      |    @mightyadvocate      |  mightyepiphyte@gmail.comMany thanks to Tom Hering and Mary Ann Harmer of Benefit Corporations for Good            

View the printable version of our 2020 Benefit Report — 7-page PDF

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