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Our stories of what we do while making the world a better and more equitable place.

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Mighty Strides Made in 2023 in Human-Centered Services Work as an Equity-Centered Practice

2023 Benefit Report

Read the Mighty Epiphyte Consulting 2023 Benefit Report

Our Values


Advocacy Centered Service

Environmental Stewardship

Equity Centered Practice


Adventure and Curiosity

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting impacts positive change by supporting people who are working to improve the world! Running a business is a lot of work, we help you anticipate, prepare, measure, and report your good works, we educate employees and partners and prepare you for certifications such as B Corp. Mighty Epiphyte carries time burdens and is a supportive partner for you to thrive, we cheer your wins and advocate for you.

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting is your full-service guide to doing good through impacts! Navigating how to measure and improve impacts, write benefit reports, and market your good work and values. We help customers find you for your values! Providing the ultimate guide to certifying as a B Corp or Benefit Corporations for good, helping you prepare every step of the way. Save time and money while gaining focus and recognition.

Mighty Epiphyte 2023 Benefit Report graphic

Read the Mighty Epiphyte Consulting 2023 Benefit Report

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