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Mighty Way Forward to … New Opportunities for Good!

Two years ago many people were rallying to be better allies. Did it work? 2022! Two years later, as a company and and as a community member, I’m blessed to have had the privilege to continue a lifelong journey and after a year will soon certify with the Institute for Equity Centered Leadership – leadership track and I’m beginning the Coaching track with many of the same cohort. The founder of the Institute, Trudi LeBron published The Anti-Racist Business Book (Bookshop.org affiliate link) this year! Two years on the links I shared below still matter. We can all to more with an equity centered lens for the greater good.

The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching – Trudi LeBron

Building true advocacy for BIPOC, women owned, LGBTQIA owned businesses is a passion! Particularly for local businesses that have not received funding through covid, or haven’t been treated with equity. My goal is to support entrepreneurs! Advocacy means getting to know them, sharing their stories, purchasing their products and sharing with others. There are opportunities to support in other ways such as through Black Founders Matter. And as a B Corp consultant for impact companies, the lead conversation is about values and equity in all areas of business and impacts.

Black Founders Matter Fund

Where are we now? Two years ago I wrote:

I don’t want to go “back” to the normal of lack of diversity hiring, pollution from traffic, cultures that only find fit in the “like minded” and overt racism. We all have a chance to move FORWARD for better and differently for people, planet, profit, purpose. What’s your purpose? Covid and Black Lives Matter are sending us signals to do better every day from now on. We have to work for it.

“If this week is the beginning of your awareness, welcome. Truly. We need you and we are so glad you’re here. But please understand that you are only taking one step. Waking up is only the beginning.”

– Ciara Pressler

Diversity improves productivity and profits


In 1999 and 2000, I hired a team of 15 for a new company in the US, for a product launch in the type 2 diabetes/metabolic syndrome space. We were told as managers to hire “young and hungry….” I hired three white people, the rest Asian, Latino and Black, all with great resumes. I was accused of “collecting people.” I was also one of the oldest people in the company and not yet 40. When I hired a 55 year old, my boss hated that I threw off the metrics. Each person had a territory from Sacramento to Olympia WA. Most teams nation wide were predominantly white and very young…. 3 years in my team was consistently in top 10% and won #1 team in the nation and the 55 year old was #1 representative in the nation. I was ostracized. Many of these hires are still friends and keep in touch. The irony was not lost on us that larger per-capita percentages of Black, Latino and Native Americans suffer disproportionately from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, our target market. And yet the company wanted a troupe of similar people to call on a wide variety of practitioners who treated a wide variety of people. My team was smart, fun and taught me much, I have no regrets, yet management made my work life hell.


Fast forward to 2019, Cole Reed of openHAUS and greenHAUS spoke on Diversity Mindset for Best Work Place Productivity with data and compassion about this topic. 20 years after my experience, little has changed in hiring in too many sectors. Cole’s words are supported by data and experience, it’s time to increase productivity and profits in these great ways, through inclusion of talents and thought, experiences and capabilities. In my memories of my team, we would talk over dinners and in meetings with each other about ideas, the Buddhist sharing ideas with the Catholic, the Black person sharing ideas with the Mexican Immigrant, the team sharing ideas about how to approach a broad range of customers. Why would and leadership want “like minded” teams of look a likes and culture fits? Hiring for inclusion matters for human good. Break some old molds, don’t go “back to normal.” Cole brought home all the reasons why it’s so beneficial to have a diversity mindset in business, in community, in all we do.

Diversity is not just anti-racist, it’s humane

Kali Ladd – Executive Director of KarosPDX

Benefit Corporations, Champions for Social Justice – article by Mary Ann Harmer

Companies can create stronger values, lead other companies, lead communities, challenge to create new policies, challenge governments. It’s a new day. (Read below)

What to do? Contribute

Who to Follow? The Leaders

That;s Not How That Works
That’s Not How That Works – Louisa Doran and Trudi Lebron

What to Read and Research?

a man hears what he want to hear, and disregards the rest-

Simon & Garfunkel


Certified B Corporation logo
B Corp

Two years later, as a business advocate I help other businesses lead with an equity centered lens. To measure and improved social and environmental impacts, write Benefit Reports and ultimately certify if that is the goal.

Mighty Epiphyte Consulting LLC

Kim at Mighty Epiphyte is a Connector, Collaborator and Catalyst for good! We helps company leaders and supporters measure and improve impacts, connect to stakeholders, vendors, communities, and clients through raising value systems and doing well while doing good. Well versed in Benefit Corporations for good and B Lab version 6 for B Corp, we also nurture companies through certification processes while building custom templates and doing the heavy lifting! @mightyepiphyte – mightyepiphyte@gmail.com Help your customers find you through the good you do in the world!

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