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Mighty Proof of Purpose!

Many of you are doing wonderful things, companies that are change makers are all around. And consumers are becoming frustrated! We’re in a mighty quandary. “Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products but most (74%) don’t know how to identify them” in GreenPrint Survey Finds Consumers Want to Buy Eco-Friendly Products, but Don’t Know How to Identify Them Yet two recent articles have been published that pose food for thought about consumer unease. It’s a Mighty conundrum. Study: 71% of consumers tire of empty promises, spurring ‘age of cynicism’ discusses how consumers don’t think most companies will deliver on their promises “CSR washing.” Remember “Green washing?” Benefit Corporations for Good wrote on this: Don’t Fake it! People “Sniff Out” Greenwashing The Brits are on the case too Brits are Cautious of Brands Greenwashing Mighty Epiphyte is dedicated to transparency, measuring impacts, reporting fully! We help companies do the same and have strong profits.

It’s a sad day when companies over promise and under deliver. Another article says Over a third of consumers believe social purpose should come before profit . This may strike fear in the hearts of many as profit can make the difference between a company existing or not, and this perspective is important. There are so many variables, perception is reality to consumers. There are wonderful companies that are doing amazing work, we can all name the ones we’ve come to know, we love what they do! And there are companies that choose not to certify that do incredible good for society and the environment. And yet there is a growing cynicism across the board as the articles point out. People will spend more to companies with values and sustainability, yet many don’t believe the promises. What to do? I care about companies that are true to their purpose and want to share true impacts. To rise above the mistrust, transparency matters. Show your impacts!

Prove the Mighty Purpose!

UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

There are a few ways to be transparent and share full disclosure:

  • Document! Follow the UN SDGs and categories of B Corp, Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Customers.
  • Use these as a guide for planning impacts in each area as suited to the type of business.
  • Get buy in from employees, stakeholders, partners and strive to make improvements based on feedback and measuring.
  • Make goals and check on progress, share ideas, document, share impacts publicly (with data).
  • Market to the values as well as the products with data, and heart.

Documenting and reporting is work. It’s been hard as there aren’t many standards for reporting (outside of certifying and recertifying with B Corp, Benefit Corporations for Good and environmental measures). To the rescue is Unit of Impact, now in beta with an amazing group of volunteers and leaders. This is a work in progress, born of recognizing that standardization for documentation and reporting may be of help and can assure consumers. Assure us all. Mighty Impact is a member of the Unit of Impact beta group.

Benefit Report for Mighty Epiphyte

Mighty Epiphyte

There’s great joy in working with companies compelled to do good in the world. As a benefit consultant I work with companies small and large in a variety of sectors to help look deeply at the impacts being made, measure and improve or add impacts that can be made and how to set up reporting for transparency. This is a heart and soul striving, I love helping companies market this true missions and actionable purpose as well as the products and services! I help carry the burden of certification assessments that take so much time, and I work just much with companies that choose not to certify, but are driven to make impacts. I help your company shine with transparency, awareness and purpose that leads to more sales and greater impacts! #mightyadvocate

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