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  • Mighty Way Forward to … New Opportunities for Good!

    Mighty Way Forward to … New Opportunities for Good!

    Two years ago many people were rallying to be better allies. Did it work? 2022! Two years later, as a company and and as a community member, I’m blessed to have had the privilege to continue a lifelong journey and after a year will soon certify with the Institute for Equity Centered Leadership – leadership…

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: A Mighty Imperative

    Opening doors, opportunities and hearts while breaking through to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism is good for business, good for communities, great for humanity! In your work, in your community, in your life, who is in the margins?  What are their lives like, what experiences do they have?  What resilience do people develop?  People’s abilities and…

  • Mighty Certifications – and Great Collaboration

    2018 was a Mighty Year! The Mighty 2018 Benefit Report is published and Mighty Epiphyte is making even greater Impacts for 2019! Mighty Epiphyte sailed through the B Lab Certification for B Corp AND the Benefit Corporations for Good Re-Certification recently! I love to help companies make MIGHTY IMPACTS! There are some great reasons to…

  • Who Makes Mighty Dog Products? Cycle Dog!

    Who Makes Mighty Dog Products? Cycle Dog!

    Learn more about Cycle Dog, a social enterprise that uses upcycled bicycle tubing to make mighty tough dog toys and leashes.

  • What Makes a Mighty Host?

    What Makes a Mighty Host?

    Now look what they’ve done!  Canvas Host is the Mightyepiphyte.com Host!  The service is impeccable, the caring for clients and our local community and beyond is authentic and constantly impressive!   David and Angela also host Green Drinks and are not only B Corp exemplary but support the social enterprise and are champions for B Corps…

  • Welcome to Mighty Epiphyte

    Welcome to Mighty Epiphyte

    Connector — Collaborator — Catalyst – Advocate!    Kim is turning her passion for advocacy into a career that helps Benefit Companies grow, certify, and prosper.  Always an advocate, Kim supports social enterprise companies by weaving products and services into daily life.  As a consultant, she brings a vast knowledge of sales, operations and marketing…