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Mary Ann Aschenbrenner with Governor Brown, Commissioner Nick Fish and Friends of Pier Park Board at Pier Park

Who Makes a Mighty Website?

There is more to Waterlink Web than meets the eye. At Mighty Epiphyte we know a social enterprise when we see one and Waterlink Web fits the description of doing something for People, Planet and Profit!

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner President of Waterlink Web.
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is an avid volunteer; that’s how I met her years ago. Her volunteer work is outlined on her website. In addition, she is dedicated to her animals and the garden she nurtures for native species habitat. Solar panels installed on the roof produce over 30% of the electricity used in her workplace!

It’s terrific to find a company and a person who brings joy, patience, and intelligence to her client interactions and cares for the planet and community.

Mighty Epiphyte supports social enterprises and seeks ways to support others. Age-Friendly is more than a buzz phrase for us and our region. In fact, Portland is planning a vote for Age-Friendly Businesses (see the link at the bottom of the page!)

WordPress Website Designer

Mary Ann has had experiences that resonate in many capacities. After a vibrant career and being laid off during the recession, the job market started to push back and unfortunately after a certain age, it feels like a rejection for reasons that are often stereotypes; too expensive, too stuck in their ways, not digitally savvy, why not just retire, and on and on…(Age Friendly Business awards link is below).

Mary Ann is among many who have found this stereotype and instead of being down about it, she created her own company, Waterlink Web, the company that built and manages the Mighty Epiphyte website. She’s incredible to work with and as digitally savvy as anyone I’ve met and we’ve both worked for tech companies. Waterlink Web is doing mighty good work for Mighty Epiphyte, and for the community and the planet, starting in a wonderful garden.

The Rest of the Story

Excerpts from an interview with Waterlink Web President, Mary Ann Aschenbrenner.

Q: “Tell us about your commitment to the environment?”

A: “At Waterlink Web we serve our community as well as our clients. The Waterlink Web LLC office is partially powered by solar panels. Depending on the time of year, the solar array produces between 1/4 and 2/3 of the total energy used by the building.

Additionally, the property itself is Gold Certified as a Backyard Habitat and includes native plants and trees, and a water source for animals and birds. Non-organic pesticides and herbicides are not used on the property.”

Q: “I noticed you have honeybees!”

A: “We are so committed to improving and helping the environment that we started Asches Urban Honey, to raise awareness of the importance of honeybees in the environment and agriculture. The Asches Urban Honey apiary is located on our property in St. Johns and is part of the Gold Certified Backyard Habitat. Each year we are able to sell local honey to neighbors in St. Johns.”

Q: “Where do you volunteer?”

A: “We volunteer in the community and serve on nonprofit boards including Friends of Pier Park and the St. Johns Boosters.

Each year Waterlink Web manages the Pier Park Pick-Up, partnering with SOLVE and Friends of Pier Park to improve Pier Park in North Portland. Working in conjunction with our partners we have turned the tide on encroaching invasive plants including ivy and blackberries at Pier Park. Held each year around Earth Day, in addition to removing invasive plants, we remove up to 15 bags of trash, paint picnic tables, and add paths to the popular disc golf course. Because of Waterlink Web’s leadership, the Pier Park Pick-Up has become a neighborhood tradition in St. Johns.”

With respect and gratitude,  Kim #mightyadvocate

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Learn more about Age Friendly Business Awards Here

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