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Cycle Dog Portland Oregon

Who Makes Mighty Dog Products? Cycle Dog!

When Mama is Happy, Everybody is Happy! Tough toys, leashes, and collars for tough dogs made from upcycled bicycle tubing and recycled rubber and plastics! That’s Mighty Awesome.

Cycle Dog Portland Oregon
Dog collars, leashes, treats, water dishes, food, upcycled, social enterprise

Cycle Dog is tucked into a quaint little area of Northwest Portland.  Their reach is growing to make pets and their owners happy everywhere!


a dog watching ballet dancers on television
One of my pets watching ballet on television.


Mighty Tough

This dog mom is happy because the Cycle Dog toys are tough, the collars can get wet and dry off fast, the treats are yummy and we’re on the go with travel bowls in tow! The Union Jack collar is a family favorite.

What impresses me is the tremendous care taken to make great products from up-cycled bicycle tubing, collected from local bike shops. This means hundreds of old inner tubes aren’t in landfills, they are in sturdy, whimsical collars! Recycled rubber makes up leashes. Careful consideration for the environment is woven through the company’s DNA and exhibited in supply, sourcing and end products from beds to food, collars to leashes, event poo bags!


The products are great because of the thoughtful designs, rugged materials, whimsically fun colors and themes.  It’s rare to find a toy tough enough for my group, Cycle Dog makes many tough enough to last.

Giving Back to the Community

How the products are made and who is employed is a terrific part of Cycle Dog’s give back to the community. Lanette the founder has a heart of gold and it shows in the job support given to the marginalized and underprivileged, she reaches out to the community and provides a place for dogs to come in and play, and to work with their owners. Many products are made on site.  Dogs can test products in the play area and there are special events for humans and their companions almost every week.

Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog is a social enterprise that we can weave into our days as pet owners! I certainly have! The Union Jack collar was always on my dog Boo, a border collie Aussie mix who was always in the water when he could find it! It’s great to have a collar that dries off, doesn’t smell and made my dog look handsome. When he took his angel flight in February last year we rescued a sweet anxious little misfit Scout who now prances in the very same collar. The other dogs Scayiah and Radley have their own fashion style and Cycle Dog made it easy to pick something unique.

My dogs don’t know about sustainability or diversity hiring, but I know they love the toys and they love being around me when I’m happy supporting a social enterprise.

The world needs more inventive companies like this! Well done Cycle Dog! Check out their website at CycleDog.com.


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